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From ”What?” & ”Why?”
to ”How”

We believe that all companies and employees have potential for further development.
Insight and understanding are prerequisites, when you want to change and improve behaviours, and if you really want to tap into that potential you have to add training. Your goal must always be to achieve the necessary improvements in skills and behaviours.

That’s why we are here – to help you do it

Why Cultivator?

For more than 30 years Cultivator has helped our customers achieve better business results and engagement in the organisation. We are good at diagnosing the right problems and opportunities, we understand your business and we are often chosen because of our passion for and great experience in helping you solve problems and exploit opportunities.

Cultivator is always

  • Customer oriented
  • Business focused
  • Value creating
  • Thorough

Our methodology

We always apply well proven methods and tools, so that you and your employees are not used as guinea-pigs, but instead get advice and tools you can use straight away.Our focus is exclusively to help you to successfully implement your business strategy. The methodology is of course adapted to your business – not the other way around – and cover 1:1 coaching, development processes for teams and change for the whole company.


We are not rigid when it comes to choosing tools – together we select or co-create the best and fastest way to achieve improvements in behaviour where it matters most – we call it Return on Behaviour. One thing is plans and strategies – developing and anchoring the desired behaviour in the organisation is a completely different matter. We point directly and clearly at the changes and improvements in behaviour, that are needed, so that you can reach your goals. And we focus on how you get there – everywhere and with everyone in your organisation.

Our consultants

You have probably already learned that solving an assignment successfully is highly dependent on the consultant assigned to the task. It is not only a question of getting along fine. A positive view of people potential, high integrity, sense of responsibility and lots of experience of life has importance as well. Challenge the consultants before you choose to se if they have sufficient insight into your business and are familiar working with the target groups in question. Do this to ensure that you get someone who is not only good at convincing you but also has the right set of competencies for the assignment at hand.

We partner with


There is a direct link between Cultivator’s core competence of training and developing Best Practise sales behaviour and ARPEDIO’s digital sales and relationship platform that helps apply Best Practise to sales process steps. The combination makes it possible to monitor and improve sales performance faster and more accurately than before. This enables organisations to drive forecast accuracy higher and provides a foundation for better coaching and future development of results. Long term ARPEDIO offers the opportunity to map critical success factors for each sales process stage and provides intelligent solutions to move opportunities forward faster and safer. In four easy steps you will get a clear overview of what the winning game plan looks like and how to move the deal to a close. We help you optimize the way you sell.

Our customers

We love challenges and ambitious customers

What do our customers say?

Cultivator has international experience

Cultivator has helped us achieve remarkable results in our organisations in the Nordics, Europe, Americas and APAC

It works

Cultivators solutions and tools are simple and easy to use, so our employees find it natural to apply them in everyday worklife straight away.

Cultivator shows energy and enthusiasm

Cultivator goes to the task with a high level of energy, enthusiasm and an understanding of our situation that enables them to reach and move both hearts and minds of our employees – this is important for a succesful collaboration and good results.

Cultivator has a high level of industry insight and expertise

The Partners in Cultivator are all experienced consultants at heart with a lot of valuable advice to offer.

The Partners in Cultivator have the necessary courage

The Partners in Cultivator have the necessary courage to tell you what you need to know, which is not always what you like to hear

Satisfied Customers

Satisfied customers are one of the reasons we love our job. Would you like to be the next one?

There are probably more reasons to choose Cultivator; give yourself the chance to experience them first hand - come see us and let us talk about how we can help you.

What businesses do we work in?

Our customers are Scandinavian based companies operating all over the world in the following industries:


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