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Associated partner

Are you Cultivator's next associated partner?

It is a common characteristic of Cultivator’s partners that they do not hesitate to challenge their clients, even if it means that the clients are forced to step out of their comfort zone for a short while.

Challenging one’s clients is obviously not a goal in itself, but sometimes it is necessary and even beneficial to the client. 

For this very reason, Cultivator is frequently chosen as a cooperation partner, and that makes huge demands on our partners.

They need many years’ experience as a management consultant, a broad and deep industry expertise as well as the right personality and impact to dare challenge the client – in the nicest possible way. 

All our clients have experienced our energy and enthusiasm and the impact we have on projects we undertake for their organisation.

We are looking for more associated partners of this calibre.

Could this be you?

If so, let’s get together soon.