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Choosing a partner from Cultivator

Insight, courage and experience

You probably already know that a successful outcome of a project is highly dependent on the individual consultant assigned to the project.

Not only chemistry matters; a healthy view on humans, great personal integrity, a strong sense of responsibility and extensive life experience are also essential factors.

When choosing a consultant, you should always challenge the consultant’s insight into your industry, business and the specific targets groups to be addressed. This is to ensure that you are not just dealing with a person with great persuasive skills, but a person who has the right profile for the upcoming project.

Questions to be asked

The partners at Cultivator have extensive international experience. Together with clients from a wide range of industries they have achieved outstanding results in the Nordic countries, Europe, the USA and Asia.

Our partners are always prepared for you to challenge them – try challenging them in the following areas:

– Commercial background and experience
– Insight into your business and industry
– Turning concepts and theories into specific skills
– Methodology and pedagogy
– Experience with specific target groups
– Courage to challenge – and being challenged
– Cultivator’s quality requirements

Our partners would also like to challenge you in a couple of areas, but you will only experience that if you meet with one of them. 

That’s why we would like to talk to you – let’s get together soon.