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How do you ensure the right pipeline?

Milestone Selling

How do your sales people know if they performed well?

How can you manage your sales force when this month’s orders may be the result of sales work performed three, six or 12 months ago?

How do you know if your sales organisation does what it takes to meet the budget six months from now?

Cultivator collaborates with Milestone Selling, which has developed a simple and manageable sales management system.

By using Milestone Selling, you and your sales people can measure in real time if you are generating the pipeline every month that is required for success.

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How do you measure effect?


How do you measure the effect of your learning and change activities?

What areas do you measure?

How do you report the results to top management?

How do you identify improvement areas in the course of the process?

Cultivator collaborates with Peopleway, which has developed a simple and manageable system that helps you optimise the quality and results of your development activities.

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